Baker’s Freecell

The popular card game with a nostalgic look

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Freecell is a popular version of Solitaire. Thanks to the integration in various Windows editions, many people know the card game. If you feel like playing Freecell Solitaire online, this browser version is a good choice. Regardless of your operating system or device, cards can be sorted in the Internet browser. This Online Freecell version convinces with a relaxed nostalgic look. On the one hand, the background reminds of a cosy wooden table. On the other hand, the cards have a classic design. The clickable buttons and the menu are puristic. So you don’t need a longer period of acclimatisation and can start directly with the relaxing card sorting. There are simple and more difficult card sets. How quickly a playing field can be cleared depends on how the cards are shuffled. In any case it is advisable to think a few moves forward before clicking. Similar to chess, some moves make sense in the short term, but in the end they prevent a victory.

The rules of Freecell Solitaire

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Freecell Solitaire is about building four piles of cards. Each target pile corresponds to one suit. The cards must be placed in the order from ace to king. They are initially unsorted on the playing field. You can move them around to get the cards you need for each target pile. The following applies on the playing field: A card may only be placed on top of another card if it has both the next highest value and the opposite suit. Unlike Solitaire, there is no talon in Freecell Solitaire, but four so-called „Freecells“. There you can store any number of cards temporarily. On each Freecell a single card may be placed – this is done with a single click. The double click moves a card to a target pile, if appropriate. If the card is no longer useful on the playing field, it is automatically moved to its target pile as soon as it is exposed. In principle, you can also move rows. However, there must be enough Freecells available to move an entire row to another matching card.

Play Freecell Solitaire online in your browser

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Comfortable and uncomplicated: Play Freecell Solitaire in your browser for free. Various useful displays inform you about your gaming success. Your moves are counted automatically. This is helpful if you want to make a competition with a friend or create your own list. Another option for comparing your success is to note the time you have played. Of course you will also be shown how many cards are still on the board. So you always keep the overview. And should you ever get stuck in the rush of the game, the round arrow in the bottom right corner will help you to undo the last step. Subtle, switchable sound signals support the flow of the game. Among other things, there’s a warning sound when your game time runs out and a game over threatens. But don’t worry: It’s possible to step away from the computer once in a while. Just open the menu in the upper left corner. This will pause the Freecell Solitaire game. In this menu you also have the possibility to restart the same game or to start a new shuffled game.