Double Freecell

Play free Freecell: How it works

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When you play free Freecell, you need to sort all the cards into the empty spaces that are in the top right corner. The order for this starts with Ace, followed by the numbers two to ten. Each pile is sorted when the cards Jack, Queen and King are on the numbers. To do this, sort the open cards of each row in the correct order. Place the cards in descending order, starting with the king and ending with the ace. It is important that you place the cards in alternating colors/suits. An exemplary card row could go like this: black king, red queen, black jack, red ten, black nine and so on.

You can move several cards at once between the rows of cards. The more free slots you have in the upper left area, the more cards you can move in one move. If your four empty cells in the top row are all occupied, you cannot move as many cards. If you have an empty row of cards, you place any card in that row. As soon as aces are exposed, they automatically land on the order pile (located at the top right). Then you can place all the cards on top of this pile in ascending order. If you have successfully sorted all cards, the game ends and you win.

The game display of Freecell

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In this free Freecell browser game, you have ten minutes to play a round. If you do not manage to sort the cards in this time, the game ends. At the end of the game, you will see a display showing the results of your round. There you will see the minutes you have played and the corresponding score. General information such as rounds played, games won, best time and the highest score is also displayed. After a round you can choose whether you want to play free Freecell again with the same cards or whether you want to start a new game with newly shuffled decks.

You can go to the main menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars at the top left of the screen. To pause the game, go to the Freecell menu screen. If you want to continue, select „Resume“. You can also turn the sound on or off, restart your current game or start a completely new game.

Play free Freecell without hints

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When you play this free Freecell game variant, you will not receive any hints if you get stuck. The game also does not show you when you cannot make a move. However, you can check this by double-clicking on the individual cards. If you can make a move, the card you clicked on will move to the corresponding stack. If you select the same deck several times in a row, your chances of solving the round increase. Since you are not entered in any Freecell highscore list, this is not too important. But it’s important that you have fun playing free Freecell.