Freecell Classic

Play Freecell Solitaire

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The layout of the browser game Freecell Solitaire is kept simple. On a green background 52 cards are dealt, which you have to put in the right order. You only see the playing cards from the front, not the back. The design of the individual playing cards corresponds to the usual familiar motifs and colors from solitaire, rummy, canasta, skat and other card games that can be played with this hand. You can turn the sound on or off in the game options.

The Game Process

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In Freecell Solitaire, the cards are spread over eight piles and are face up. Above them you can see four empty fields, the so-called Free Cells. To the right are your home stacks. Your goal in Freecell Solitaire is to get all the cards neatly sorted into your home piles. You can do this by sorting each suit from lowest to highest value. On the surface of the game, the colors/suits are arranged in the order of Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades. During the game, you are free to choose the order in which you want to arrange the colors.

Each empty field is opened with an ace of the corresponding color/suit and closes towards the king. The eight home stacks must be restacked by you in such a way that you can do this. You should note that, like in classic solitaire, you pre-sort the individual card values alternately with red and black cards. For example, put a black eight under a red nine or a red jack under a black queen. In your free cells you place individual cards that are in your way. Depending on how many slots you have available, you can move several cards at once in the piles of cards. If your four free cells are occupied, you can only move one card at a time. If you have a row that is free, you can use it as a free cell to place any card there.

The menu options in Freecell Solitaire

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While playing Freecell Solitaire in your browser, you have some automatic features. The bottom cards of your piles are automatically placed in the home piles when they match. In addition, the game will occasionally show you when you can no longer making a move and have lost the game. But this is not always the case. For example, if you can move a red nine between two piles, the game doesn’t recognize that there’s nothing else you can do, only that you can make a valid move. If you can assign a card, all you have to do is click on it with the mouse. This card will then be moved automatically. You can move a card with the mouse normally by releasing the mouse only after you have placed the card where you want it to go.

In the game Freecell Solitaire you have different options available:

  • Resume: If you pause Freecell Solitaire, you continue with this function.
  • New game: If you get stuck, you start a new game of Freecell Solitaire.
  • Select game number: Enter any number to start a specific game.
  • Restart this game: Start the same game again.
  • Sound: Freecell Solitaire sounds on or off.
  • Statistics: Here you can see how many games you have played, won and lost. If you feel like it, you can delete the statistics.

Once you have successfully completed a game and won, you will see a rating and the game number. This rating takes into account the time you have played and the number of steps in the current round of Freecell Solitaire.