Windows XP Freecell

The Freecell game in classic design

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The classically designed cards with large, clearly visible symbols lie on a green background reminiscent of the felt of the gaming tables in casinos. You cannot see the back of the cards, only the front is visible. At the top of this free Freecell Solitaire game is a white bar in the somewhat antiquated design of Windows XP: here are the various functions of the game are clearly listed.

On the left side of the white bar you will find the options „New“, „Select „, „Restart“, „Statistics“ and „Undo“. If you click on one of these options, a window will open in the foreground of your game. Here you can now choose what you want to do. Click on „New“ to start playing a new round of Freecell. You can select a specific game with „Select“. By clicking on „Restart“ you start the current Freecell Solitaire game from the beginning. „Statistics“ shows you your previous results: This is how successful you have been at playing the Freecell Solitaire game. However, your statistics are only saved as long as your browser window is open. If you close your browser and reopen it after a few days, your scores will no longer be saved. You can undo your last move by clicking „Undo“.

In the right corner you will see the number of the current game. Next to it you can see how many cards are still in the game. Some Freecell games allow you to set the difficulty level. For example, you decide whether you want to play with one color/suit, two colors/suits or four color/suits. The more colors/suits are in the game, the more challenging the game is. The Windows XP Freecell game does not offer these settings. Here you will always play Freecell with four colors/suits.

Rules of the free Freecell Solitaire game

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At the start of Freecell, you will be shown 52 cards in eight rows, lined up next to each other. Every single card is visible. Your goal in Freecell Solitaire is to arrange the cards. Red cards may only be placed on black cards, black cards may only be placed on red cards. The order of the cards in Freecell is the same as in classic solitaire: The row starts with a king and is followed by a queen which is on top. On top of the queen is the jack, on top of it the ten, on the ten the nine, and so on. The ace is the last card in a row.

In the Freecell Solitaire game however, you will probably never build your rows so far that you see the ace on top. Because you sort the cards by simply clicking on them. The card is then automatically placed on the pile where it fits. If a card fits on the final discard pile in the top right-hand corner, the game places it there. Alternatively, you can also drag the card by clicking on it, holding down the mouse button and moving the card to the pile where you want it to be. This works not only with single cards, but also with smaller stacks. For example, if you have already sorted the sequence 6-5-4 in the Freecell game, you can click on the six. In this case the game will place the stack on a free seven of the matching color/suit.

In the free spaces in the top left corner you can place cards that are in your way. The more spaces are free, the bigger the piles you can move at once. You will also see empty spaces in the top right corner of the board. This is where the cards that you have sorted and discarded from Ace to Two, Three, Four and so on (up to the King) end up. The goal of Freecell is to have all the cards sorted one the four stacks in the top right-hand corner of the board. Then you have won Freecell Solitaire. Time to play the next round of free Freecell Solitaire!