Double Solitaire

How to play the Solitaire game

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Do you sometimes feel like playing a short round or two of the famous solitaire game? Here you can play Solitaire for free in your browser without download. The double solitaire variant is also known as Klondike. The rules are almost the same as in Solitaire Classic, which you can also play for free on our website.

The playing field consists of a light blue background of nine piles of cards. From left to right, the number of face-down cards is increasing. One card is face up in each pile. Above the rows of cards you see a pile of face-down cards and eight blank spaces where you place the cards in the correct order. To start the game, you choose your desired level of difficulty. You choose whether you want to have one or three draw cards.

Once you have done this, you will see on the game board that the playing cards are dealt and you can start playing right away. With the mouse you can select individual cards and move them around. The order of the cards is descending: King, Queen, Jack, the numbers corresponding to the values and Ace. If you see an ace, double-click on it or drag it to the empty spaces. This will start your discard pile and you can place the matching 2 on top. Note that the colors must change when sorting. For example, if you place a red king, a black queen, a red jack, a black ten and so on will follow.

When you are done sorting the exposed cards and you are stuck, you draw cards from the draw pile. If you have selected „Draw 1 card“ at the start of the game, one card will be revealed when you click on the pile of flipped cards. If it matches one of the card rows, you can drag it there. If not, you draw the next card. If you want to play solitaire with the option „Draw 3 cards“, you always draw three cards. These cards are placed next to each other and you can play them from right to left. When the pile of face-down cards is used up, click on the „X“ that appears after the last card has been played. The cards will now be reshuffled, so you can uncover them all over again.

The menu functions of Double Solitaire

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The rules for the solitaire game are not really complicated. The same applies to the structure of the main menu. If you want to play the solitaire game, it is best to take a look at the main menu as well. You can open it by clicking on the three horizontal bars in the top left corner of the game board. There you can choose whether you want to restart the game or turn off the sound. While you have opened the main menu, the timer pauses.

You can also restart a game round directly by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom left. Before you reset your round, a window pops up asking you if you really want to restart your game. At the bottom right of your game board you will see a circular arrow. If you click on it, you will undo your last move. When you have finished your turn and won the game, a window will appear with your score. You can play this solitaire game as often as you like and there are no limits.