Spider Solitaire Games

Variants of Spider Solitaire

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Spider Solitaire is a particularly challenging variation of the popular classic Solitaire game. It is about arranging the cards in the same suit, descending from the king. Unlike the classic Solitaire, there are ten rows and no separate piles to arrange the cards on. Only descending rows of the same suit or single cards can be moved. If you have no more possibilities to sort cards of the ten rows, you have to take new cards from the talon. In this case the new cards are not simply turned up like in the classic solitaire, but are placed at the end of the respective row. Since each row has a new card, the order of each row changes, so you probably have to re-sort. The more suits are used in Spider Solitaire, the more difficult it is to solve the game. Possible levels of difficulty are: Playing with one suit, two suits or with four suits.

On this site you can either play the standard version. On this site you can either play the time-limited game or the classic version. If you are still overwhelmed, you can try the beginner version first. Which version do you want to play?

Spider Solitaire Classic

Solitario Spider Clásico

Depending on whether you play with one, two or four suits, Spider Solitaire is more or less demanding. As a browser game, the game is very easy to use: just open the game in your browser and you can start playing right away. No downloads are necessary, you don’t have to make any further settings. You simply specify how many suits you want to play with and the fun can begin.

Spider Solitare for beginners

Solitario Spider para Principantes

If you can’t figure out all the rules and want to take it slow, you can try the simplest version of Spider Solitaire. There is only one suit and time is not on your back. Once you have warmed up, you can increase the level of difficulty.

Spider Solitaire with time limit

Solitario Spider con Tiempo Límite

Can you solve Spider Solitaire within ten minutes? For those who are looking for more thrills, there is also a Medium level, where you have to solve Spider Solitaire with two suits within twelve minutes. If that’s still not enough, you can prove yourself at the „Hard“ difficulty level. Here you have to solve Spider Solitaire with four suits within 15 minutes. Good luck!

Spider Solitaire Nostalgia

Solitario Spider Nostalgia

This nostalgic version has an aesthetic wood look and therefore offers something for the eye compared to other versions. Another feature is that most modern games offer the possibility to undo moves unlimited. In this Spider Solitaire version, you can only undo the last step of the game.

Further card games

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Solitaire Classic

Four piles for arranging cards of the same suit and type. Seven rows, where only the last card is shown and a deck where only one to three cards are shown at a time. Do you know the classic solitaire, which is also known as Klondike Solitaire? The close relative of Spider Solitaire is probably the best-known variant of Solitaire and offers a lot of fun. In addition to the normal version, you can also find an alternative where you can play against the time or where you have double number of cards. If you like it nostalgic, you can try the online version of the Windows XP classic of Solitaire.


Carta Blanca

Another relative of Spider Solitaire is Freecell. Unlike Spider Solitaire, all cards are face up from the beginning. In addition to the ace piles, there are four more squares where you can temporarily place cards that may block moves. In addition to the regular version, you will also find a version for Freecell on our website where you have to play against time and solve the game within ten minutes. We also have a Windows XP version of Freecell – just like in the old days.


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📌 Can I really play Spider Solitaire here for free?

You can play Spider solitaire completely for free. If you’d like to play Solitaire Classic or Freecell, you can do so 100% free of charge and without obligation on our website. Just have a look around, you will surely find a game that you like!

📌 Which solitaire variations can I play on your site?

You can play here Spider Solitaire, Solitaire and Freecell for free and without any obligations. You will also find different games for each of the three variants, each with its own special features. In addition to the standard versions, there are, for example, time-limited games or games that look particularly fancy. There will certainly be a game for you, just have a look around our site!

📌 What do I have to do to win at Spider Solitaire?

Spider Solitaire is won when you have placed all the cards from the ten card rows in the correct order. The difficulty of the game varies depending on the number of suits. The playing cards must be arranged in descending order. The card suits must remain the same. This means that a row is complete if it starts with a king and ends with an ace. More precisely, the order of the cards is as follows: King – Queen – Jack – Ten – Nine – Eight – Seven – Six – Five – Four – Three – Two – Ace. You can place a red seven on a black eight, for example, but this only helps you to arrange the cards. To form complete rows, the suit of a row must be uniform.

📌 In which order do I have to arrange the cards?

To complete the game successfully, you must arrange the cards in descending order: King – Queen – Jack – Ten – Nine – Eight – Seven – Six – Five – Four – Three – Two – Ace. If you play a game with more than one suit, note that the suits per row must be the same. Also, you can only place a smaller card on top of a higher card. This can look like this: Black queen – black jack – black ten – black nine, and so on. This rule also applies to incomplete sorted rows. For example, if you realize that there is a compact sequence starting with a red four (Red Four – Red Three – Red Two), you can place it on a black five in one turn. To sort, you can also place cards of one suit on top of other suits.

📌 What can I do if I get stuck at Spider Solitaire?

Depending on the browser game you are playing, you have different options. If you are stuck with the current setup, you can place new cards from the talon on the ten rows of cards. Undo previous moves, you might find better solutions. Some games even have the option to show a next possible move. If all possibilities are hopeless, you have to start the game all over again or start a completely new game.