Do you accept the challenge of Spider Solitaire?

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It’s easy to play this Spider Solitaire game in your browser. You can start right away without any download and let yourself be challenged by this solitaire variant. You have a time limit and different difficulty levels for a trickier gaming experience.

How to play the Spider Solitaire game

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The rules of Spider Solitaire are as easy as those of Classic Solitaire. When playing the Spider Solitaire game, you basically have to sort decks of cards in descending order. You win once you have put all the cards in the correct order. The special thing about playing the Spider Solitaire game is that there are no empty spaces where you stack cards in the correct order. Instead, you have to arrange the cards in the correct order within the ten rows of cards. Furthermore, in this version of the Spider Solitaire game you are bound to a time limit and will lose if you don’t finish sorting and the time runs out. The time limits also vary depending on the game mode you choose.

Easy Mode: You play Spider Solitaire with one suit, in this case spades, and have ten minutes to sort the ten decks of cards with the eight decks.

Normal Mode: You play Spider Solitaire with the two suits Hearts and Spades. Your time limit is twelve minutes.

Difficult Mode: You play with all four suits and have 15 minutes to sort all the cards on the board.

The rows of cards disappear from the game board onto a discard pile when you have placed a complete series of cards underneath each other. To do this, you sort in descending order from King, Queen, Jack down to Ace. Once you have cleared a card slot, you can place any card or sorted pile there. This makes it easier for you to reveal the hidden cards, which makes sorting easier. If you no longer see any cards that you can sort in order, click on the card stack in the bottom right-hand corner. You will then receive one more card for each row of cards. After you have drawn cards four times, the game is over when it is no longer possible to move cards.

The functions of this Spider Solitaire game

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When you play Spider Solitaire in your browser, you will see a blue board. Before you start, you have to set your difficulty level. Your game round will start with 500 points, stacks of cards and a display of your time limit. If you want to interrupt the game, open the main menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars. There you will see the other options available to you in Spider Solitaire. These are:

  • Resume
  • New Game
  • Restart
  • Sound on

You end your break in the game with the option „Resume“. If you want to have the same card deck and start your round again, select „Restart“. If you want to select a different game and difficulty level in this Spider Solitaire game, click on „New game“. If you want to hear sounds while playing, such as beeping when your timer expires, use the „Sound“ option.

You can play this game just for fun from any browser or for hours on end, yet there is no cost to you. You will see your points at the end of your game round. In Spider Solitaire you will see your score at the latest when your time is up. If you win the game at Spider Solitaire, a window pops up with your winning score. You will also see your total number of rounds played when you win your round.