Triple Spider Solitaire

The rules of Spider Solitaire Online

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The rules of Spider Solitaire are very easy to understand. In this variant of solitaire you have only one suit of cards to sort: the spades. The card designs are the same as in any deck: King, queen, jack, the numbers ten to two and ace. This corresponds to the order in which you must sort the cards to win the game. Sort the face-up cards in the game to other card rows. It is important that you keep to the correct order. Once you have solved a row of cards, you can place another stack there.

While Ace is the highest card in some card games, this is not the case in Online Spider Solitaire. The ace completes the row below the two. When you complete a card row, you receive 100 points and the cards are removed from the board. If you can no longer sort a card, you place a single card from the card pile on each row. In Spider Solitaire, the cards are placed automatically when you click on the pile with the cards in the lower left corner. If you manage to sort all the cards in the game, you will see your score and have won the game.

Individual functions when you play Spider Solitaire Online

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When you play Spider Solitaire online in the browser, you will see different functions. You start with 500 points. You lose one point every turn and get 100 points when you have completely sorted a deck of cards. You access the main menu of Spider Solitaire by clicking on the field with the three horizontal bars. In the main menu you have the following options:

  • Resume
  • New Game
  • Restart Game
  • Sound On

You use „Resume“ when you have paused your round of Spider Solitaire. You can do this by pressing the escape key or by selecting the main menu. This is a useful feature if you leave the computer in the middle of a game round. Even though Spider Solitaire Online is free and you cannot win any prizes, the amount of time you play will affect your score. Under „New game“ you start a completely new game of Spider Solitaire. If you select a new game, all cards are reshuffled and distributed. If you select „Restart game“, you start the same deck of cards from the beginning. Under „Sound“ you can switch sounds on and off.

Special function in Spider Solitaire Online: the light bulb

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If you are stuck in this online Spider Solitaire game or don’t know how to continue playing, you can use the light bulb at the bottom right of the screen. When you select it, you will see your next move in black highlighted colours. Whether or not you use the game help has no influence on the points you score. If nothing happens when you click on the light bulb in Spider Solitaire, you cannot move any cards. In this case you must place additional cards. If you have no more cards to place on the card rows and cannot sort any cards, you have lost the game. It is also important to know that Spider Solitaire Online is free to play and you can restart your game round as often as you like. Also, you can only place new cards if there are no free piles of cards on the board.