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The free browser game Spider Solitaire

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If you are looking for a solitaire variant that challenges you, this free Spider Solitaire game is just right for you. You choose from different difficulty levels and don’t have to download anything. Simply launch the free Spider Solitaire game directly from your browser and start playing right away. You do not play against other players and your result is only visible to you. The game does not require a high-performance graphic card. The cards used are reminiscent of an older Skat deck with a red back. The objective of the free Spider Solitaire game is to bring the cards in descending card order.

Playing Spider Solitaire for free is this easy

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At the beginning you will see ten rows of cards on the playing field with cards face down. The first four rows have five cards face down, the other four have four. On top of each row, one card is face up, waiting for you to sort it. You may move cards that are already sorted to other piles. Sort the cards in this order: King, Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, Ace.

Depending on the chosen difficulty level you have one to four card suits. If you have chosen the easy difficulty level, you only play with spade cards that you have to sort. At the medium difficulty level you sort Spades and Hearts. If you select the Pro level in this free Solitaire Spider game, Diamonds and Clubs are added. You can see your counter at the top right. There you can see a timer running down for bonus points, your earned points and your required steps. Furthermore you can see eight empty card slots above the card rows. You sort the finished decks into these. In the upper left corner you see hidden cards. If you can’t move any more cards, click with the mouse on this stack. One card will then be placed face up on each card row. If one row is empty, you cannot play any cards, but must first move another card there.

Free Spider Solitaire: the menu functions

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You have different functions in Spider Solitaire to choose from. These are very clear and easy to use. You can navigate to the main menu by clicking on the field with the three crossbars. There you will see some options:

  • Resume: If you pause your round, click on it to continue.
  • New Game: This starts a new round. You can choose a new difficulty level.
  • Restart: This function restarts your current game round from the beginning.
  • Sound on: You can choose to play with or without the sound.


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On the playing field of the free Spider Solitaire game you will see an „X“ symbol in the lower left corner. For most games, this means that you are quitting and closing the game. This is not the case here. When you click on this symbol, you will be taken to the main menu and the game will be paused.

At the bottom right corner you see a circular arrow. If you click on this symbol, you undo your last move. You cannot undo further moves. If you select this option, your last move will be undone but it will count as another move. Therefore, it will be added to your total Spider Solitaire score, if you win the game. If you get stuck or can’t find a way to continue the game, the game will not show you that you lost. In this case, simply restart the game.